March 30, 2010

Hospital Ghost Stories!!

You've probably heard of all those "ghost stories" that happen in the hospitals, especially in the middle of the night. Now that I have started my graveyard shifts, I'm starting to get acquainted with all these "spooky" stories. Luckily and thankfully, I haven't seen one myself so thank God!!

One of those nights at work, me and my coworkers started talking about all the strange and creepy stories we've had.

It all started when my patient in Room 19-2 kept on pressing her call-light. When I answered her call-light, she said that someone kept on turning the light switch on and off and on and off by the sink. So I said I would come in and take a look. When I came inside the room, the light was on and I told her no one else is around to play with her switch. My patient was a fresh surgery patient so she could not walk to the sink where the light switch is located. After I checked up on my patient, I left and I just thought that it was totally weird..

I told my coworkers about it and "H" told us her own story of something "strange".

H's patient was also a fresh C-section and when she was doing her frequent checks on this patient, she heard the shower in the bathroom suddenly turned on. She said that it was around 4am at that time and no other visitors were there with them at that time. H said that she got the chills when she found out about it. They were the only two people in the room!!

Another coworker of mine "I" shared her story. When we were still in the PM shifts, she stayed overtime for 4 hours. So she ended up going home around 3am. She said that she saw a man sitting down in the dark empty lobby in the first floor wearing a checkered pants. When she glanced back again to see if she was just hallucinating, no one else was there. My other coworkers said it was probably Mr.Hancock - the founder of the one of the colleges that we have here in town. They said that they've heard numerous stories of the guy in "checkered pants" at night waiting in the first floor lobby in the wee hours of the night. That is just totally creepy!!

Another story from "H", she said that this happened many many years ago when our unit was still shared with MedSurg patients. One night she was going to do a postmortem care with her patient that just passed away in Room 26. And one of her coworkers at the time, let's call her "Stella" was about to assist her with it. H went to the clean utility room to grab all the supplies needed. When H was going back to Room 26, she said she saw a lady in the white nurse gown entered the room. She thought it was already Stella ready to help her so she called her, "Stella!" and Stella answered all the way from the nurses station! Stella said "I'll be there in a couple of minutes!" So strange, so who was that who entered the room??!

And my coworker "L" said that one shift, the call light in Room 27 kept on going off. "L" was the shift leader or charge nurse that night. Room 27 is assigned to the Labor and Delivery department since it's a triage room, so she called L&D to tell them that their patient in Room 27 kept on calling and probably need something. The L&D nurse said that "There's no patient in Room 27 right now. It's empty!" So L, walked to Room 27 to check up on the call light system if it is hooked up properly and it was. She came back to the nurses station and the call light went off again. She went back to the room and thought to turn the TV on and just maybe the ringing will stop. Surprisingly after she turned the TV on, the call-light stopped ringing. How weird is that??!!

So here are just couple of stories that i heard from my coworkers and my story with my patient. I still didn't see anything first-hand! And I will never want to ever! I believe in spirits and they can exist, as long as they will not harm me! So peace!!! :-D

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bear said...

That's just really creepy. Especially the story about Stella. lol, gives me the goosebumps. Doesn't help that we live on our own does it? OK, gotta stop thinking about that sort of thing especially when it's late at night and I'm about to go to sleep.

Vayie said...

That's really creepy. Good thing I don't have these stories yet to scare me when I was confined three years ago. I'm usually alone in the room the whole time - especially when I was at the ICU and lights had to be turned off by 8pm since no visitors are allowed. I guess, there will always be stories like that in hospitals because many people died there. Maybe their souls are kind'a trapped.

I worked at an office located inside a hospital building way back. We have stories like that too and I can get pretty scared when I'm alone in corridors and lobby. I may not see it, pero I'm having goosebumps. I can really feel some presence.

If you watch Ghost Whisperer, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) would always see a ghost in hospitals. Too bad you're on GY shift. Expect more stories! Hopefully, you won't get to experience one.

P.S. BTW, I wouldn't want to enlarge the pic on your entry. It might be those kind of pictures when suddenly something will pop-out while you're staring on the red circle. You wouldn't want to give me a heart attack, would you? :D

EyMi said...

SPOOKY!!! omg. we're both in the healthcare field so i got some scary stories too but i guess the scariest experience i have is when i stayed overnight at our office because we were rushing some admin documents for the next day deadline then while i was on my table using my laptop, the desktop computer on the other end of the room suddenly booted on its own! and i swear it was OFF the whole time and not just on sleep mode coz it booted up, you know fresh start talaga sya and what made me ran to my officemates (they were on the other side of the office) was when it was still on HP logo when the Windows PC sound played (it's supposed to play when you see the desktop background of hills and sky, right?!) tapos i saw the pc chair parang may umupo, like there was a heavy thing na pinatong. tumakbo talaga ako! hahahaha! since then i hate staying overnight at the office and if ever we do we make sure that there's a Christian Music playing just to drive the bad spirits away.

Nash said...


i just hate ghost stories


Anonymous said...

That is just scary.

Anonymous said...

The picture of the ghost in the circle looks like the one that I've seen when I was taking a picture with my webcam.

Scary Ghost Stories said...

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Anonymous said...

secret lang natin to ha pero sinasapian ako -Shamtsu

Anonymous said...

what is that ?? !! the center left the pic..!! omg that was black and make me scared..!!

Anonymous said...

thats so creepy it gAVE ME THE CHILLS JUST READING IT.

Felicity Jones said...

there's a face on the side of the wall the face looks like a male, in his early 20s and looks like he was murdered by downing in a lake that use to be there but got dyed up and was built on and as white eyes like he was blind with both eyes.